Project co-funded by the European Union
The project objectives:
  • OP1. Developing competent teachers to use non-formal method of forum theater in learning/teaching activities


  • OP2. Developing communication, ICT, entrepreneurship and civic skills to students for an easier transition from educational environment to the labor market.


  • OP3. Developing interest in multiculturalism and multilingualism, a responsive and proactive attitude towards new cultural contexts.

The project aims to develop basic and transversal skills, particularly those of foreign languages, computer usage and entrepreneurship through the innovative method of non-formal education - Forum Theatre.


Forum theatre method helps students learn English through translation using the practice of speech. They use this experience that leads to the formation of automated skills needed in the labor market later.


The project aims to develop self-confidence in others, self-evaluation, participatory and proactive attitude of students in society. All this will result in graduates able to cope with tough requirements related to market entry and maintenance of national and European labor.


The method can be used by teachers to develop skills to all students, but also as an alternative method for acquiring skills to students who have communication difficulties and emotional ones.

Forum Theatre learning instrument
What is forum theatre?


Forum theatre method is a form of contemporary theatre, participatory art that creates the possibility of interaction with the public.


The public can replace characters to produce a realistic change, intervening during the play by a clap hand. The actors will "freeze" until the person in the audience replaces the actor in the play.


The other actors will improvise on stage taking into account the main features of their characters and the new situation. 

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